Hurricane Ridge, Washington

My first visit up to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park, Washington was absolutely amazing. The vast number of snow dusted peaks and the deep valleys in between was awesome. I am so used to the Cascade mountains where there is a lot of space in between each peak, it was cool seeing so many mountains so close together! We explored the beautiful ridge and walked through the winter wonderland of a forest. The trees and snow drifts made such unique shapes that it felt like we were in a Dr Seuss world. As we explored the area a storm was building in the valley below as well as above us. It was really cool seeing the storm keep building and growing below us before finally overtaking us.

I can’t wait to go back to Olympic National Park in the summer and explore the beautiful area further. There is a lot to see in the area and I only just scratched the surface!

Beautiful winter wonderland from atop Hurricane Ridge overlooking Olympic National Park, Washington

Storm building in the valley below Hurricane Ridge, Washington

Gemma on the top of the snow covered mountain at Hurricane Ridge, Washington

Deep powder and enjoying the view out towards the North from Hurricane Ridge, Washington

Hiking through the snow covered trees shaped by the strong wind frequently blowing over the ridge.

Amazing views of Olympic National Park along the trail

Hkiking along the snowy ledge with very snow covered trees

Panoramic of the beautiful view from along the trail we hiked near Hurricane Ridge, WA

Foggy and storm moving up from the valley below Hurricane Ridge while overlooking the beautiful Olympic National Park

Snowshoeing couple in front of a building storm in the valley below Hurricane Ridge, Washington

Hiking up to the lodge at Hurricane Ridge, Washington