Grow your groceries


This past weekend I was able to finally check out my brother’s awesome garden down in Sacramento.  He, with some help from my niece and nephews, has an amazing garden going. Seeing how happy his kids were while helping out in the garden was awesome.  It was awesome getting to see what he was doing as I am currently on my own quest to grow my own groceries. I definitely am going to add a vertical strawberry tower in my garden. It is so easy and cheap, and takes up so little room it is perfect for me! He’s so good at backyard organic gardening, he has started to help other people setup their own gardens too. If you want to grow your own groceries, I definitely recommend checking him out! 

Grow Your Groceries

Here’s a couple of my favorites! If you want to see any more, check out the gallery of the rest of them!

Miles laughing in the garden
Fresh picked organic blueberries
Hanging out in the organic garden
Proud of their garden