Icy Abiqua Falls, Oregon

I have been having such a hard time deciding which pictures from Abiqua Falls are my favorites. It was such an awesome experience and environment that it made for some really cool pictures! This waterfall is pretty remote and a few miles down a rough unmarked road, far from cell phone reception, but luckily it wasn't too icy and my dog Duke and I made it without a problem. He had no problems scaling the steep hill down to the creek, but I had a little tougher of a time. There are ropes tied to trees at a few of the steeper sections of the trail to make it easier though. 

 Duke and I spent a couple of hours hanging out around the falls. Duke was unfazed by the icy water and was a little too eager to keep going in. The weather started warming as the day went on, which started causing some of the large pieces of ice to come crashing down below. We made sure to keep away from the walls at that point and finished up pretty quickly and started the steep climb back up to the car.

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Abiqua Falls, Oregon

Abiqua Falls, Oregon